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  • Ryan Taylor

Work work work

Been extremely busy rehearsing up various shows for various artists - including our Power Trio.

2024 marks the 30th Anniversary of the legendary Dizzy Club and I have the pleasure of playing piano for our up coming series of concerts this Summer. We have been working on some great material from the extensive back catalogue and revisiting some classics from those evenings back at The Boardwalk some 20 years ago. Listings via the Dizzy Club website.

I am also hard at work as musical director for the mighty Steve Edwards. We are putting on a series of shows this Summer starting at The Library Theatre in Sheffield, which has now sold out. Steve has some awesome songs which we have been developing for the whole live experience and it's been loads of fun doing the sound design for this on my sexy new Nord Stage 4. We will be also performing at Leopold Square 26/08/2024. Can't wait to get moving with this project - more as it unfolds.

Lastly - I am working on reviving a top secret project. More on this soonish but for now, we keeping it on the dark side....

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